Why use these new stamps?

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Why use these new stamps?

Post by TheEClub on June 27th 2011, 4:14 pm

Now that The E Club Credit Stamps are made, why should users on The E Club Family Websites use them? Well, for lots of reasons!

First of all, the stamps are used so users can get paid. Since there are The E Club Credits that you can earn in The E Club Forums, I have decided that the payment threshold (the minimum amount of The E Club Credits that you will get paid with in one payment) in The E Club Family Websites is T|100, or 100 The E Club Credits. But, how do you get the T|100 that you have earned? With the e-mail address you signed up with, I will send you T|100 or more, depending on how much you've earned, by e-mail, at [email protected]. Eligible users will receive their stamps by e-mail at the end of the month that they have earned T|100 or more.

Second of all, The E Club Credit Stamps are like regular money, bills and coins, except smaller, and easier to keep track of. This makes it easier for me and the user.

Thirdly, the stamp design features the font UnitedStates, the same font used on U.S. dollar bills.


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