The E Club Forums Guide #4: Normal, Sticky, Important, and Global Announcements (And colors, too!)

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The E Club Forums Guide #4: Normal, Sticky, Important, and Global Announcements (And colors, too!)

Post by TheEClub on June 29th 2011, 7:55 pm

To be a good member of The E Club Forums, and to get lots of replies to your messages, you have to make them known. I, TheEClub (E), will tell you how to make your posts on The E Club Forums known.

First of all, when you write a post, you should either have it in a new category/forum, or have it in a category/forum that has about 1 or 2 posts in it. That way, your post is more noticeable to other users, since the number of posts in the forum/category goes up. A new category/forum is also a good opportunity. Second of all, after writing your post, scroll down a bit and you will find the "Options" menu. You can disable HTML, BBCode, and Smilies in the post that you are writing, and you can also have the option to include your signature in the post. To confirm that your message is getting lots of feedback, but you don't have much time to go on The E Club Forums, you can select to be notified when a reply is posted to your post. Below that, still in the "Options" menu, you will see a bullet menu labeled, "Post topic as:", and the options are: Normal, Sticky, Important Messages, and Global Announcement. Here's what they mean.

Normal means that your post is just a normal post, in the category/forum.

Sticky means that your post will always be displayed at the top of the category/forum, even when someone writes something in that same category/forum.

Important Messages means that your post will be labeled as an "Important Message", so it will catch more readers' attention.

Global Announcement means that your announcement is so important, that it is displayed at the top of every category/forum, labeled "Global Announcement".

Well, that's some of what you can do to make your post(s) on The E Club Forums more visible and known. Happy posting, everyone!


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